Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday 3rd March

There was a male Stonechat this morning on the north-east shoreline it was showing well but was continually being moved along, but seem reasonably settled. There were a few signs of Spring today with a few birds singing. I also saw nearly 20 Common Snipe but the highlight was seeing the Tree Sparrow again.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


You have probably noticed that I have been rather busy recently. I have done a bit of birding but haven’t seen much in all honesty. I did have a morning out around the Reservoir last week but apart from a couple of Peregrine there wasn’t too much around. Hopefully with Spring just around the corner  there might be a little more around.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday 26th January

Spent the morning at Shustoke, on the way I checked out a few sites that used to hold Little Owl, yet again I found none. The Reservoir was quiet with a count of 24 Gadwall the only sighting of note. The Lapwing flock flew over c.40 birds but on the passerine front it was very quiet.

The small pool held 65 Pochard and I found the Red-crested Pochard tucked away asleep on the bank, that might account for it being so elusive. I didn’t see the Scaup or the Common Sandpiper but they may be around.

I kicked up a Jack Snipe from a wet area and there were still around c.30 mixed Yellowhammer and Reed Bunting. The highlight was the reappearance of “Billy” the Tree Sparrow in the same general area as it was before.

I went over again this evening to check through the gulls and there were 10 Common Gull, 8 LBB Gull, 2 Herring Gull and c.1,000 Black-headed Gull. Also five Goosander came in but I didn’t stay late so I imagine more came in later as I have counted upto 17 recently.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday 25th January

Took a walk today with Joy with my son dropping us off at Baxterley and we made our way home through the lanes around the back of the reservoir and home, eight miles in total. It really was for the exercise but I did get a year tick out of it with a male Brambling.

The other bird I was trying hard to see was Little Owl but I drew a blank. In a brief look at the reservoir I didn’t see any of the 3 Amigo’s but I wasn’t trying particularly hard.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday 22nd January

Had a day out with the Captain, this morning we covered Middleton Lakes, it was a crisp sunny morning and not quite as cold as I expected. We saw 58 species but the best was when we were nearly back at the car. In an attempt to add Collard Dove to the day list I was checking around the farm when I noticed that all the Sparrows weren’t all House! In amongst them were at least three Tree Sparrow a scarce species now in the area. God knows how long they have been around, I for one tend to walk straight past that area.

This afternoon we took a walk around Shustoke. At first it looked like it was going to be a quiet one, there appeared not to be much. Then a party of finches landed in a larch alongside the river and it was made up of around 20 Redpoll and a few Goldfinch. We then had four Siskin fly overhead. Then as we made our way to the Sheep Paddock a flock of c.35 Golden Plover flew overhead. That was the start of a bit of a purple patch with a mixed flock of c.30 Yellowhammer and Reed Bunting, c.20 Meadow Pipit, plus 3. Mistle Thrush, 40 Redwing and four Song Thrush all in the paddock area.

Back around the Reservoir we checked the fields off Bixhill Lane to see if the Golden Plover had landed but found a flock of 40 Lapwing instead. Then back at the carpark we set up the scopes and located the Scaup and the Common Sandpiper but there was no sign of the Red-crested Pochard. There were around 200 Black-headed Gull plus 11 Common Gull and 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Monday 19th January

Monday – Shustoke Reservoir.

The 3 Amigo’s were still present as well as three Redpoll and Willow Tit. There was a Kingfisher on the river and there were good numbers of winter thrushes on surrounding fields. All in all I saw 55 species during the course of the morning, not bad.

Tuesday – Maxstoke Area

I spent the morning looking for the possible Ferruginous Duck at Coton I searched the best I could but the edge of the lake is completely overgrown, so after two hours in sub-zero temperatures I went home for a hot drink. The best I could manage was a couple of Water Rail.

I took a walk around the rounds searching for passerines and to see if I could relocate last years Little Owls, I drew a blank on both counts but I did see my hundredth species for the year when I found a Tawny Owl roosting is a hole in a tree.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuesday 13th January

Took the usual morning trip around the reservoir the only excitement was someone who’s dog tried to mount my leg before moving off swiftly for the next victim. The owner walked past without a word, I didn’t say anything I was lost for words!

Anyway, fortunately it didn’t try to mount the Common Sandpiper and that was still on the main pool. The small pool held the Scaup and Red-crested Pochard and I also saw a single Jack Snipe and Common Snipe. I saw around a dozen Yellowhammer, 6 Reed Bunting and 14 Meadow Pipit. As the rain headed in around lunchtime I headed home.